Hello World!

Happy to say that i'm currently working hard on the game, i'm currently cleaning all it's spaghetti step by step, fixing bugs, and adding team functions.

You can follow the development on social medias soon, but for now take a look on the Official Trello by clicking "Live Dev" button on this Website! Easy Right?

Thanks to everyone supporting the development and waiting so patiently for a playable version of this game.

It's really hard since it's a 1 Developer Only Challenge, the only help i will get in future is probably purely for graphical hud elements.

Hope i can make it the far possible and have a playble game with a playerbase.

Would be really cool to see people having fun and competing on this, the biggest problem are probably the servers, but will see in future if we can approach the Epic Online Services, for now it's all based on steam subsystem and i managed to find a solution to bypass the problem where users needed to portforward, but it's just temporary and will probably not work for everyone, but what's so ever, it's provvisory until i understand how to proceed.