I'm proud to announce the new Constraints website, now faster and lighter while being modern.

I completely remade the website from his old source making it modern and way faster than before, it should now be easier to leave fresh news on the homepage and news page for who is following the development.

I took my time to make it due to time 'Constraints' !, who would ever said that, but the journy that lead here was both an hell and a good learning curve wich finally lead me to more knowledge, i also worked on side projects wich i hope will be approved and will have a future, but most of them i won't be able to keep an eye on them as much as i wish to, aside from that i will be back on developing the game and i will more public about it, marketizing it and posting small development videos on both my channel and the official Constraitns youtube.

I wish that this game will come to life as a Fun and Competitive one, ofcourse the begging will be really hard, facing problems since i can't afford dedicated game servers unsless Epic finish his hopefully 'Free' crossplatform online system, and with all the malicious users who willl try to hack into it, i will do my best to secure the game from hacking and cheating implementing a Majority of Instaban systems, I also got feedback about the Toxicity when i asked if i should follow the League of Legends path for punishments and i got told, that they don't like it, getting instantly banned for a bad word isn't fun, so for in-game toxicity i will act against multiple infractions only, and flaming willl never, in anyway grant you a perma ban so i will follow a 1 year term of condition, in wich your ban vacation will exponentially increase each time you break the rules by being a total dick, after that Year it will automatically reset your ban timings.

Now thanks if you took the time for reading that and i hope to get you in game some day in the future.

It's a long way home, at the end of the road.